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Aquilant Advisors is a Town & Country, Missouri, professional service firm, a team of independent financial advisors with professional credentials and a wealth of experience of advising affluent individuals in greater St. Louis to achieve their professional goals.

Located in West County, Missouri, Aquilant Advisors is a federally Registered Investment Advisor managing more than $190 million for about 440 families. As a family office, Aquilant Advisors has deep generational roots in not only Missouri but in the West County area of St Louis.

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Define Your Wealth: Our Philosophy

Yes, wealth is your money, assets, and earning power. But wealth also includes the well-being of your family, education of your children and grandchildren, the time to enjoy life, happiness, love, personal freedom, and leaving a legacy. Only you can define what wealth means to you.

We help you Define Your Wealth clearly and comprehensively and help you set realistic goals for achieving your hopes and wishes on your own terms.

Define Your Wealth is a continuous process of staying on a plan to achieve your goals as life changes, while keeping your goals and dreams aligned with practical financial realities.

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