The Fine Print


We believe in transparency, where everything we do for our clients is fully explained and made as crystal clear as possible.

We will always do our best to present all the facts, including potential negatives and positives about any advice we give and any costs to you.

If something is not clear to you, please tell us to explain. Financial tools, terminology and fees can be confusing.

Ask us questions until you are comfortable making decisions.


Compensation & Fees

Aquilant works hard to meet all your wealth management and financial advisory needs. Our compensation and fees to clients are governed by our high standard of ethics, fairness, state and federal regulatory bodies and of course, transparency.

The majority of our compensation is handled under an Asset Under Management Model (AUM). Yearly AUM fees range from 0*-1.75% of the assets managed. AUM Fees are based on a sliding scale, with lower percentages associated with larger accounts. (*Circumstances exist where not all of your assets require a management fee. Ask us.)

Unlike many financial firms, we pay a significant recurring cost and fulfill continuing education as well as other regulatory requirements to maintain our Broker licenses. This allows us to manage certain client assets under a Commission Based Model of compensation. Under this model, the client pays us a fee when they purchase or maintain certain financial instruments (i.e., variable annuities trail commission). Although we can offer commission based models of compensation, they are typically most useful to our clients who wish to transfer the management of their pre-existing legacy accounts to Aquilant.

Bottom line: The client’s best interests. Experience has shown us the AUM model is typically in our clients’ best interests, as it can minimize potential for conflicts of interest and is fair and reasonable to both the client and Aquilant. But each client is different, and we will openly and transparently discuss available compensation options on an individual client basis to best serve your needs and individual best interests. Ask us!

Potential conflicts of interest: The AUM Model means we earn more when we hold more of your assets, so don’t let us discourage you from liquidating or moving some of your assets if you need to (i.e. to pay cash for a significant expense). The Commission Based Model means we earn when we sell you a financial product, so you should understand and weigh the true benefits you gain against the commission it will cost you before you choose to purchase any financial product.

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