When you Define Your Wealth, you need to consider the impact your death or incapacitation may have on your loved ones. Insurance can be an important tool to help protect your heirs against any liabilities you may have, or to cover the tremendous expenses associated with long term care, or to ensure your spouse can maintain a secure lifestyle and quality of life when you are gone or no longer able to earn an income.

Aquilant Advisors have A Wealth of Financial Knowledge and experience to advise you on available options to help you protect your loved ones in the face of an accident, a catastrophic illness or death. The advisors at Aquilant have the knowledge, certifications and experience you need so you can learn, understand and make good decisions about insurance. And we’ll help you keep things up to date, especially when important life events occur in your world, such as births, deaths, declining health, accidents and so on.

Ask us about:

    • Life insurance
    • Long-term care
    • Coverage analysis
    • Beneficiary assignment and updating
    • Important life event changes such as the birth of children or grandchildren, the death of loved ones/beneficiaries or a decline in your health
    • Supplemental health insurance and prescription coverage
    • Social Security filing strategies
    • Paycheck replacement (Long-term disability income)
    • Much more…

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